Dr. Kendell Banack

Registered Psychologist


Dr. Kendell Banack holds a PhD in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta. She is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta and also registered as a Clinical Psychologist in Ontario.  She has over nine years of experience. Kendell uses a variety of treatment modalities including Emotion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to best meet the needs of her clients. Kendell has practiced in university and hospital settings, and most recently in a private practice in Toronto.

Reaching out to a psychologist is a very difficult thing to do for most people. I keep this in mind when connecting with clients. My first and fundamental goal is to make my clients feel safe and understood. I believe that compassion, non-judgment, and a good client-therapist relationship are at the heart of excellence in all clinical work.

With individuals, couples, and families, I work to explore painful, stuck areas in clients’ lives in order to open the possibility of relating to themselves and others in more adaptive, accepting, and meaningful ways. I believe in helping clients to live more authentic lives, using the body as a conduit to learn more about the self and meaningful relationships with others.

Issues that clients commonly present with in my practice include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and relationship issues. I strive to understand the unique struggles and strengths of each client and from this understanding develop a treatment plan to meet the needs of my clients. My doctoral dissertation focused on the treatment of eating disorders using emotion-focused therapy, and as such, this is a special area of interest of mine.

I have trained extensively in emotion-focused family therapy and am certified as an advanced EFFT therapist and supervisor. Using this approach with families, I support parents to coach children who may be struggling with emotional or behavioral issues. Many parents enter the therapy room with great shame and self-blame regarding the struggles of their child. My goal is to free parents from the burden of self-blame, shame, and fear and also introduce advanced caregiving skills to empower them to create change within their own homes.

In my work with couples, we seek to become aware of rigid ways of interacting and work towards rediscovering connection. This is true whether there has been a gradual shift towards disconnection or a pivotal relationship incident. I work hard to make both partners in the dyad feel understood. As hurt and anger are unpacked, I enjoy witnessing moments of connection in session that begin the transformation from rigid patterns of interacting to greater vulnerability, authenticity, and ultimately connection outside of session.